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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Transformation from fat to lean through Bariatric Surgery

Due to change in food and lifestyle, there is a huge rise in the number obese people in recent years. Not in all cases, exercise can give you a solution. In such situations, people opt surgeries for the quick weight loss. Bariatric Surgery is most common in this list. This surgery transforms you from fat to lean. This surgery is also known as the Weight Loss Surgery.

What is weight loss surgery ??

This surgery is used for reducing the size of the stomach through removing a portion of the stomach. Weight loss surgery is preferred for :
  • Individuals with 25 to 30 kilos overweight
  • With severe diabetes
  • With hypertension
  • Women with irregular periods
  • Woman couldn't conceive due to obesity

Advantages of bariatric surgery :

  • Long term loss of weight
  • Diabetes recovery
  • Improvement in the risk factors of heart conditions that include blood clots and diseased vessels.
  • Will have normal blood sugar
  • Can control the amount of the food to be consumed
Weight loss surgery plays a vital role in the treatment for type 2 diabetes by changing the level of hormone in the blood. Many instructions are given before the surgery for the safety of the patients. Test for evaluating the fitness before surgery which include liver function, heart, kidney and lung check-up, and cholesterol are conducted. If any deficiency is diagnosed in these tests, then it should be considered. Such patients with fatty liver are put on a diet for one or two weeks before surgery to reduce the fat content of the liver. Breathing exercise are also taught for the patients.

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