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Monday, September 17, 2018

Robotic surgery – An advanced method now available in Chennai

The surgeries and procedures that once required large incisions and many weeks for recovery have become now minimally invasive, highly effective, and make patient to return to normal activities in a few days in the name of Robot-assisted surgery. da Vinci Si surgical Robot helps the doctor to operate with greater accuracy, and keeps the patient with minimal discomfort. In this unique surgical system, specialized arms are controlled by the surgeon from the computer console area and the arms hold instruments, camera, and a magnified screen.

The Surgeon makes a tiny incision in the patient’s body and inserts miniaturized instruments, a high-definition 3-dimensional camera, and sometimes skin incisions may not be required at all. Then, he controls those instruments from the console. The robotic devices with greater quickness and precision allow the surgeon to successfully perform the surgery. The surgical system responds to the direction he provides as the surgeon takes to control the whole time. The da Vinci Si system was introduced 10 years ago, and it cleared a wide range of procedures stipulated by the FDA.

The following surgeries can be performed with Robotic surgery:

Endometriosis, Head and Neck, Urologic surgery, colorectal surgery, heart surgery, general surgery, thoracic surgery, gynecologic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery.

Robot-assisted surgery also involves with small risks such as infections and other complications as open surgery.

The benefits of Robotic surgery are the surgeon has maximum access to the operating area, less infection, less scarring, shorter hospital stay, faster recovery, less pain, and quick return to normal activities.

Many patients are concerned about that robot is performing surgery. But, really it allows the surgeon to make accurate, slight motions while controlling the machine. The robot is never making decision or incisions whereas the robot is instructed by the surgeon. This robotic system cannot think on its own. It can only respond to the surgeon’s hand movements.

Dr. Premkumar Balachandran provides an advanced gastrointestinal robot assisted surgery India. Being a top Gastroenterologist he performed thousands of gastrointestinal surgeries.

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